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Read the restrictions and instructions for each deal.
(Some deals require you attend SnowJam, some don’t.Some deals you buy on the site, some you just take your card & ID)

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The SnowJam Preferred Card delivers straight forward no-nonsense savings. Our goal is to have the card more-than pay for itself each and every time you use it.

Here are just three SnowJam Show Offers:

  • Free SnowJam Show Admission (Includes other FREE Lift Tickets)
  • Free Snow Valley Lift Tickets every other visit (1/2 Price when you pay) – NO DATE RESTRICTIONS
  • Save big at Snow Summit and Bear Mtn. Lift Tickets when you buy on our website. No advance purchase, no minimums. Buy, print and use.

So here’s the deal, if you use your membership once, you save more than you paid. If you use it all season – you save hundreds. There are no gimmicks, no nonsense, no catches. Just read the restrictions, follow the directions, and save over and over, all season long.


Without a doubt the best $25 i've spent all season. It paid for itself the first day. Highly Recommended

John A

Los Angeles,California

Without a doubt the best $25 i've spent all season.


Las Vegas,NV

Thank you for the Snow Jam card! I have been using it for years and it offers great deals. I know my card will get me 1/2 off Snow Valley lift tickets, but will it get me 1/2 off Snow Valley snow play lift tickets? Thanks!

Jason R


Thank you so much! Just to let you know your co-operation customer care has not only surprised me, I will be sure to put in a good word to everyone who asks

Matt S


The Snowjam Cards worked great. We had an amazing time skiing. Thanks for all your help in getting us going. God Bless

Pastor Chris

Lakewood ,California

I love the card. Great value, no strings attached, great customer service when I needed help. Thanks for this great offer.

Thomas N


I had never considered going to Snow Valley until I was told about this promotion and I was pleasantly surprised as to how nice the resort and the runs are. I liked the fact that it’s not nearly as crowded as the other Big Bear resorts.

Eric B

San Bruno,California

I originally purchased the card for the free lift ticket and the 50% discount for future lift tickets this season at Snow Valley. After reading the various other offers, I decided to use the card for a discount at the Lake Arrowhead Resort. I have used the card twice at Lake Arrowhead as well as twice at Snow Valley. It was a great value. I hope to use it one more time this season.

Melinda D


Dude! It was awesome! Me and my uncle styled out both or families and had a great day. We're going up all next week too. What an awesome value!!!

Max C


This is an amazing deal u guys got going, makes boarding affordable for struggling college students.

Curtis B


SnowJam discount worked great at Snow Valley...I picked up my free ticket today...and will go back for 50% discount this season and put it to the test....I got my money’s worth (a lift ticket would have been $64!)!!!

Michael G


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